WHIRED Canvas - Paint Night


Cactus - 04/14  (ticket)

Paint Your Pet - 04/28 (ticket)

21 yrs & over only


Reserve a date for a mixer/party/

team building event.  

We will continue to update this page for additional events, so please check back periodically or send inquiries to info@whiredwine.com 


-Submit a photo of your fur baby before the event. Head shots are preferred.

-Artist Jeanne will draw the photo on 8"x10" canvas in advance for you.

-At the class you'll paint the drawing,(a bit like a paint-by-number)using your own palette

-Because of the Artist's work required prior to class, tickets are non-refundable

(must be purchased in advance), Due to Covid Rules, SEATS ARE LIMITED.

-During the class you will get individual instruction and you will have a one of a kind 

portrait of your loved pet!

We’re excited about this class, as we know how many people love their babies,

some already passed, it’s an excellent way to honor and remember them,

in a way that is direct from your heart!

Tickets $60 - includes all materials, instruction & a glass of vino. 

Email photo to: info@whiredwine.com, & specify which date you have purchased tickets for & the name of your pet!

Whired Wine Bar .  410 L St , Sacramento CA 95814 .  (916) 823-5008